Amazon Wish Lists

Sometimes time is of the essence but clicking Buy Now is easy! When that’s your jam we have Amazon wish lists for you! Amazon wish lists are an easy way to support Madison students. You can purchase items for your student’s specific classroom or for a more widespread use like recess, specialty teachers (PE, Music, Art), support staff, or from the PTO’s general school support list.

PTO Wish List
This is a general wish list assembled and managed by the PTO.

Teacher Wish Lists

5th Grade
Mrs. Martin
Ms. Faulk (4/5 split)

4th Grade
Mr. Aries

3rd Grade
Mrs. Welin
Ms. Aaron

2nd Grade
Mrs. Yap
Mrs. Pastewski (1/2 split)

1st Grade
Mrs. Jones

Ms. Gibbs
Mr. Treend

Mrs. Meissner

Mrs. Vroman

Mr. Smith

Staff Wish Lists

Student Support
Ms. McCown

School Counselor
Mrs. Hammer

Behavior Tech
Ms. Skipworth

Reading Specialist
Ms. Estcourt