Grant Reimbursements

Hello, Staff!

The Madison PTO is excited to provide each of you with grant dollars to spend this year! We know that all of you go above and beyond, spending your own money to ensure your classrooms are equipped for the best learning possible. We hope that these grant dollars will help provide more options for you and your classroom/teaching needs. We have purposely left the parameters of your spending open because we know the needs vary. Need your 900th tub of playdough? Or maybe a super rad rock tumbler? What about a set of maracas? The possibilities are endless. 

Every staff at Madison has been approved to receive grant dollars. 

CERTIFIED staff may be reimbursed up to $200

CLASSIFIED staff may be reimbursed up to $100

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime! 

To Request Reimbursement:

Complete and submit the Reimbursement Request – there are two ways to so this:

  • Using the online form
  • Downloading the PDF below, and submitting the hard copy form along with your physical receipts, to the PTO box at school

Please fill in ALL fields on the form and highlight items for which you seek reimbursement on all receipts, total and include any special instructions.

The PTO mailbox will be checked once a week.

** Reimbursement checks will be cut within one week of receiving request forms.. Checks can be mailed or left in a designated mailbox at school. Please specify which you prefer on the reimbursement form. **